Harvest Party!

  Our church has a harvest party were everyone is invited. They have jumpers, games, live music, plays, food, and so on. All the kiddos get to dress up and enjoy all the fun things they have. Last year I actually helped out at one of the booths, so my girls did not get to go, but this year was their first year coming and they had a blast!! All night long they just played in the jumpers -haha! They love those jumpers, alright! Before we left {we left early because we had to pick the hubs up from the airport} the girls played two games to win some candy.

Elizabeth and Hugo stopped by for a little bit as well!


  1. So cute!
    Looks like much fun!
    And you have great hair!

  2. How fun!!!! I love the balloons!!!

    The girls look adorable. And I absolutely looooove your hair curly like that. Is it natural? I swear when I wear my hair naturally curly, it gets crazy. Its like one in a million that it will look good. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!!! :)

    Love you Mamacita.

  3. You are sooo stunning! Cannot get over that you have 3 kids and yet look like a model.

  4. I love events like this. The girls are adorable playing the games and the jumpy.

    I also love your hair like that. :)


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