I don't even know why I am crying?!

  ... are the words that came out of my almost 4 year old! What? Really? She hasn't even hit her teens and she is already very emotional! Dear, Lord! Help this momma out!!

Here is the story... we arrive home from my mom's house, I unbuckle Oceana and carry her in my arms since she was sleeping. At that moment Ray also arrives home so he helps me get Madison out of the car. Raychel unbuckles herself and gets herself out of the car, as usual. I went on into the house to put Oceana down, then Raychel comes storming in crying her little eyes out. Ray then comes in and I ask Ray, "Why is Raychel crying?" he says, "I have no Idea?" Raychel is in our room bawling. Ray and I ask, " Raychel why are you crying?" she says, "I don't even know why I am crying?" What? No. she did not just say that?!! were the thoughts going through my head. Ray then says, "Raychel, if you are going to be crying for no reason, please go to your room and cry there." Raychel takes off running to her room and closes the door and cries in her room. Ray and I just let her cry it out. I start the girls bath and then Ray and I go into Raychel's room and she kinda stops crying, I then say, "Raychel your baths ready!" she gets all excited and kinda giggles and gives me a big hug, and hops right into the bath. The End!

Oh, Lord! They haven't even hit their teens and they're already acting like this! All I know is that Ray and I will be doing A LOT of praying, because we sure are going to need the big mans help!

On a different note... Elizabeth {my sister}is blogging!!! She is new to the bloggie world, so please send her some love and check her bloggie out!! The Journey, Elizabeth and Hugo. her and her husband are seriously the cutest, goofiest, spontaneous couple you will ever meet!


  1. That is so funny... and way too cute. The journeys into childhood progress :)


  2. hilarious! Oh geez, I was raised myself with a house full of GIRLS!! I pray for Ray on this one, hahaha!!!Men don't get the 'whole crying for no good reason thing,' Love it!

  3. Bless her heart, it's rough being a girl!!

  4. awww Jordan has moments like that where I'm just like..."she isn't even a teenager yet" lol. What are we gonna do with all of these girls haha ;) Maybe she was just tired. Love you guys!

  5. OHMYGOSH... So sweet. I love her tender heart! When (if) we ever have a girl, I'm so happy that my best friends have girls!! I'm going to be needing advice! ha ha!

    Love you Mamas. You and Ray are doing a wonderful job. God really knew what he was doing when he blessed you with these girls!

  6. The life of a mother with girls:). I can so totally see mine doing that to so I'm sure I'll be in that boat soon! lol. Your girls are so pretty Ola and they just shine sweetness:). Wish I lived nearby so i could meet you in person:)


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