Randoms and Blogs I Love

~Why is it that the day your house is a mess and you don't feel like getting ready, your husband decides to bring his buddies over without warning you?! Really?! Ahhh!

~Yesterday, I went to Safeway and bought a white Zinfandel. Normally in Safeway they are stricked on carding you if you look under 30... well... I guess I look pretty darn old {note: 30 is so not old but when you are in your mid 20's and already worried about wrinkles and someone doesn't card you, then you think... man! Do I really look that much older!}.

This is right after Safeway. Maybe its just the hat that makes me look older? I hope! haha!
{Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a women who fears the Lord is to be praised PROVERBS 31:30}

~Don't you just love it when there is tons of traffic and you are flying by in the carpool lane?! I know I do!! It makes me feel like am VIP lol!

~I love it when I hear my girls playing together and laughing hysterically. Melts my heart!

~I am so loving the X Factor!! I like it so much better then American Idol. I don't even know if I want to watch American Idol anymore, because compare to X its boring.

~I am going to order this book on amazon "The Power of a Praying Wife." Cant wait to start reading it!

~AWE.... heart melting again! I have little Madison right by me on her Bumbo and she is falling asleep.
 Aww my sweet little angel!

NOW to blogs I <3

Of course I love my girlfriends blogs.... Meagan, Marissa and Brandi

This blog, is an Extraordinary mom who I look up to {besides my mom, of course!}. She is just an amazing women full of love for her 4 boys, not only that, she is a women who fears the Lord and desires to follow the path God has set for her and her family.

When this girl posts her posts I can not wait to read them. I always look forward to reading what God is doing in her life and in other peoples. I always get encouraged by reading her posts! She is a beautiful mom to 3 little ones, and she also takes the most beautiful pictures.

This blog, I just found out that we have the same name! Craziness!! There is not a lot of people that I know that have the same name. On her blog she goes by a different name, which is, pearl. She has the Prettiest style that I just LOVE!! and she is such a gorgeous girl! She also has the cutest little boy and she also dresses him in the cutest clothes!

This girl is awesome! She just graduated with her masters degree in counseling! Jaimee and her husband have been married for 6 years, but you would think they are newlyweds! Jaimee is such a sweet, fun, and loving person that I wish we were neighbors. She would be so much fun hanging out with! 

Casey, always has great words that are encouraging and inspiring! And she takes the most prettiest pictures of her sweet little girl.

Another blog that reminds me of Casey's is Haley. Haley is expecting her second baby! She has a sweet little girl and now she is expecting a boy! 

The newest blogs I am following and love are... Schilling Times and Fast Forward Girl!

I have so many other blogs I follow and love, but these are few of my fav! God bless!


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, you made my day! You DO NOT look even close to 30- you're beautiful! : )

  2. The power of a praying wife...AWESOME!! Madison is SO adorable!

  3. oh my goodness what a sweet surprise that you listed my blog ... that just made my day!!! and i must say ... your not the only one who's hubby brings home company on a night you are soo not prepared ... just happened to me last week! and thanks for listing some neat blogs ... i'm gonna go check them out right now ... love finding new blogs ... have a great night my friend :) and love your song choices (powerful)!

  4. Thank you so much for listing my little ole blog. I am flattered and baffled that people enjoy following my life and reading what I have to say. You are so super sweet!

    P.S you do NOT look over 30. And definitely don't look old. You're gorgeous, mama.

  5. i love finding new blogs to love. thanks!!!!

  6. Girl, you look beautiful no matter what age!!! I think the checker was just being lazy..haha!!

    I'll have to check out some of the blogs, they all sound so amazing!!!!


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