Zach's Birthday

  Our nephew, Zach, turned 8 years old!

This past weekend we went over my sister-in-laws house to celebrate Zach's birthday.

The family always say how much little Zach reminds them of Ray when Ray was younger. The way he looks and acts. what do you guys think... do they look similar?

 The proud parents
 Los primos!

My mother-in-law had a surprise for the littlest grandkids, so she told them to closer their eyes...
 Open your eyes!
 They were so excited opening their boxes!
New shoes/boots! {{love their faces!}}
 The girls love their princess boots!! They have been wearing them everyday! I am sure Jacob is also loving his new shoes!

The birthday boy opening his gifts
Isnt Z such a cutie?!


  1. Love the last picture! What a beautiful family of 5 (: Is Madison's hair lighter than your other 2 girls' were at that age? They are all so precious!! Veyda has that same shirt-dress that Raychel is wearing (only hers is turquoise). I love it and will be sad when she outgrows it! (: Hope you've been well! PS So happy to see you on Twitter!! (:

  2. Happy Birthday to Zach!!! What a great time celebrating his bday. I just love the girl's new boots.. they are way too cute! I. agree with Kim ^ the last picture is a good family pic of all of you.

    It was great to see you and the girls Saturday afternoon. I missed you guys so much!!! And I had a blast catching up with baby Madi. :)

    Love you guys!!!!!!!


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