Goodbye 2011, You Were Extraordinary!!

Thank you, Father God, for your many blessing I have received in 2011!! Thank you for blessing me and my family each and every day!!

God bless you all, my lovely readers!! May 2012 be filled with tons of blessings, joy, and LOVE!!! I love you guys!! Thanks so much for being apart of my life! You guys are the BEST!!!


Tahoe Trip Part III

Christmas Day, after opening presents {here}, we went to Heidi's restaurant for breakfast, and then we headed to Heavenly in hopes there would be snow for the girls to play in. Tahoe was so dry this year, there was hardly any snow!! I guess last year was the opposite! But we made the best of it, and we ended up having a blast!

 Madison all nice and warm sleeping away.
 LOL! Look how dry! But Ray made the best of it for the girls to have fun...
 Here he is sliding down the hill with Raychel - haha!! LOVE IT!

 Raychel sliding down a small little hill.
 Then we met, Susie! Her mom and dad were so nice, they let them play in their board! Susie also has a younger sister about the same age as Oceana!
 They were sure having a blast! I also got to go down on the board lol!


Electric Tooth Brush with Stickers!

  Ray and I bought the girls an electric tooth brush that comes with stickers! They love their new tooth brush! They got to decorate it the way the like it. Its was actually very fun helping the girls get the stickers out and then they placed them where they wanted it on their tooth brush. It was a lot of fun spending quality time with them decorating there tooth brush- haha! I wish I had one of these growing up! They also have stickers for boys ;).


I have been neglecting my kids

I haven't taken the time to write and send pictures to these precious kids. Ray is always sending them their monthly, but its more than that, I need to take the time to write to them, pray for them, and to let them know that we care and to show them the love of Jesus.

Can you help me and pray for these precious little ones? That they may come to know of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  and that their lives will be filled with joy and love.

And if you can hold me accountable to writing to these precious kids, that would be great, thanks!

Do you sponsor any kids? If you do, we should keep each other accountable to write to them and send them updated pictures at least once a month, E-mail me!


Tahoe Trip Part II

Early Christmas Eve, we loaded up the Escalade with all the girls Christmas presents and headed to Lake Tahoe!

 We stopped at Starbucks, got some coffee and their breakfast sandwiches ;)

 LOVE my white chocolate mochas!!
 Oceana does too! haha! Don't panic, I just let her have a little sip ;)

Our cabin for the weekend
 We unpacked, relaxed, and then we headed to dinner at Cabo Wabo
 After dinner we headed back to our cabin, got comfy, baked cookies for Santa and watched a family movie <333


Feliz Navidad and Tahoe Trip Part I

  This past weekend we headed to Lake Tahoe to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas out there! It was such a blast spending great quality time with my family. The girls were so excited for Christmas Day to open up their presents. The girls prayed to Jesus letting Him know what they wanted for Christmas so that Jesus can tell Santa ;). Early Christmas morning the girls were so excited to see that God had listened to their prayers and that Santa brought them what they had prayed for. Raychel was jumping up and down saying, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Santa!" Oceana was also very excited to get her Dora backpack. After opening presents Raychel said, "Now, lets sing happy birthday to Jesus" ;) and that was exactly what we did! It is such a joy and a blessing spending these great holidays with my family :) ... specially in Tahoe!!

 Madison's 1st Christmas! She loved the wrapping paper ;)

Feliz Navidad!!