Bri'elle's Birthday Party & Bible Study

  After taking our Christmas family pictures, we headed over to Brandi & Jay's casa for bible study and to celebrate Bri'elle's 2nd birthday!

I know I sound like a broken record but, I love spending time with these girls! They are all just A-mazing!! We just started a Beth Moore study and it was so refreshing to hear her speak. Cant wait for next months study!

Brandi is so amazing, she did a craft with all the kids making cute little reindeer!!

 We also exchanged gifts which was a lot of fun!!

Happy 2nd birthday Bri'elle! God has truly blessed you with such wonderful parents.
Bri'elle, I pray that you will be God's light in your generation... that people may see how amazing our God is through you.
May He bless you all the days of your life!
Feliz Cumpleanos, chula!


  1. What Beth Moore study are you doing? My girl's group is about to start a new bible study and are looking for ideas! : )

  2. what study? I love Beth! You are a blessed girl!

  3. Hey ladies!! Its called believing God. It comes with worksheets and DVDs!


  4. I loved our study too and can't wait for the next one! I love the way she speaks! I will make copies of the worksheets too. :)

    P.S. I love you Mamas! So very thankful for you girls.
    P.P.S. I love the pics, I'm totally stealing some of these!

  5. This was such a wonderful day. I love the pictures everyone is posting. I'll definitely take a few and add them to my blog soon ;) Love you girls!!!

  6. It was a great day! I'm glad we were able to share the day with you guys and incorporate the Bible study. Great pics, the reindeer pics turned out cute. I was trying so hard to hold my hands steady for your pictures :)


  7. So cute! It looks like you had a blast! I love how excited she was when opening presents! I also love Beth Moore!!! So great that you are all doing a study!!




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