Feliz Navidad and Tahoe Trip Part I

  This past weekend we headed to Lake Tahoe to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas out there! It was such a blast spending great quality time with my family. The girls were so excited for Christmas Day to open up their presents. The girls prayed to Jesus letting Him know what they wanted for Christmas so that Jesus can tell Santa ;). Early Christmas morning the girls were so excited to see that God had listened to their prayers and that Santa brought them what they had prayed for. Raychel was jumping up and down saying, "Thank you Jesus, thank you Santa!" Oceana was also very excited to get her Dora backpack. After opening presents Raychel said, "Now, lets sing happy birthday to Jesus" ;) and that was exactly what we did! It is such a joy and a blessing spending these great holidays with my family :) ... specially in Tahoe!!

 Madison's 1st Christmas! She loved the wrapping paper ;)

Feliz Navidad!!


  1. awww Olga these pictures are sooo beautiful. I'm so happy you all had a great trip! The girls all look so cute and look like they were super happy with their gifts. <3 Love!!!

  2. What a fun Christmas! Looks like all the girls had a blast. I love the one of Madison and Raychel, how cute! They look like they were very happy :) How cute Raychel sang Happy Birthday. We kept telling Bri'elle it was Jesus' Birthday and she would say awh, baby Jesus. Glad you got some good quality time on vacation with the fam.

    P.s. Madi's hair is looking lighter...is it the lighting or does it really look lighter?

    Love you girl and Merry Christmas!

  3. We love Lake Tahoe! That's where Chad proposed to me! :) Chad's Gramme lives in Carson City, Nevada and really wants us to come visit her soon. Maybe if we do, we can stop by and meet your sweet family!! :)

    Love the Barbie Shop Boutique! It makes me want a girl so I can play with it. :)

  4. Your girls are beautiful as always!! Looked like they had a great time - bet they're glad Santa knew where to find them away from home!! LOL Glad y'all had a blessed Christmas!

    Happy New Year!!


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