Hubby Thursdays -Ray's Grandma and Grandpa

  Josey was 18 and Frank was 25 years old in this picture. This picture was actually taken right after they got married. They got married through the court, that's why Josey is not wearing a wedding dress.

Ray looks so much like his grandfather. Ray totally has his grandfathers smile! Maybe not so much in this picture, but other pictures, it feels like I am looking at Ray smiling!

Ray's Grandma always talks about how Ray and I reminder her of her and Frank. They both had birthdays the same month, as do ray and I... they were both 7 years apart in age... Ray and I are 8... Frank was a sales man... so is Ray! We have so many things in common with them, that's why Josey always says we reminder her of them.

Hubby Thursday!!!

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  1. How sweet and amazing! I bet it makes you guys feel so special and his grandma must be proud. <3

  2. He totally looks like RAY! How awesome. That is insane! You and Ray are such a beautiful couple...inside and out!


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