I have been neglecting my kids

I haven't taken the time to write and send pictures to these precious kids. Ray is always sending them their monthly, but its more than that, I need to take the time to write to them, pray for them, and to let them know that we care and to show them the love of Jesus.

Can you help me and pray for these precious little ones? That they may come to know of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  and that their lives will be filled with joy and love.

And if you can hold me accountable to writing to these precious kids, that would be great, thanks!

Do you sponsor any kids? If you do, we should keep each other accountable to write to them and send them updated pictures at least once a month, E-mail me!


  1. I will definitely pray for them. You and Ray are so amazing!

  2. We don't sponsor any kids but we do sponsor a missionary for Gospel For Asia..I have never written to him and we don't pray for him nearly often enough..thanks for the reminder!

  3. You two are so sweet!!! I will for sure pray for them. We don't sponsor any yet, and I say yet because we are waiting for the group to return back to our church to start. We were going to when they were here a couple months back but we didn't have the time, energy, money, etc. So we talked about it so we would be able to give are ALL to them. :) I will let you know as soon as we do so you can hold me accountable. And give me ideas how to go about it, I have sponsored a kid since I was in youth group.

    May God Bless the children you sponsor and your family! <3

  4. Oh, and P.S you were tagged on my blog!!

  5. Aw, I will girl! So happy that you do this. Those kids are so lucky! :)

    I was talking to Nana about this, because her little kid in Mexico you can even visit them! I think we are going to do this int he new year!!

  6. what a beautiful idea. id love to do this...send me the info, if you have a chance? would LOVE to do this...




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