Hubby Thursday!

  My husband is doing extraordinary as a Real Estate Agent!! He amazes me!! 

In 2007 when Ray got his Real Estate license he closed just 1 transaction  note: this was the year when the real estate market was going down.

2008  he closed 8

2009 - 23!

2010 - 35!!

this year, 2011, he will have had 45 or 46 transactions closed!!!

Ray's goal for 2012 is 60 transactions!!!!
Can he do it?! HE SURE CAN!!

Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings. We cannot have done this without you! It's all you LORD! I gave you thanks and the praise!!

Ray's 1st year 2007

2nd year 2008 {Raychel 7 months old}

3rd year 2009

4th year 2010

5th year (this year) 2011


  1. Yay for Ray! Thank the Lord he has been blessed with talent to do good at what he does and loves it. To many more years for Ray in his business... You can do it Ray, I think 60 will be a piece of cake.

    It was fun looking at all the different pics!


  2. So happy for you guys! I know he can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of these hardworking men in ourlives!

    P.S. I'm DYING over that pic of Raychel. She is just toooooooooooo cute.


  3. such a sweet progression in each picture :)

  4. Amazing, you must be so proud of him!

    By the way, your girls are so pretty, and I love their names!


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