Pictures from my Driod & A Heart Break

about 2 hours ago, I let out a cry from the depth of my soul. ah... I was putting the girls to bed and our routine is... I get them their chocolate milk, the girls pick out a book or I read them a story from their bible, I pray for them and then we end with a lullaby I sing to them. Well, after the lullabies I gave Raychel a hug and a kiss and then I said, "OK, girls. Go night, night, now." and walked out of their room. Oceana then comes running after me saying or more what I thought she was saying was that she wanted another lullaby. I said, "Oceana! Go to bed! I already sang you three lullabies! now, please go to bed!" She kept crying and  kept repeating what I thought she was saying. Note: Oceana always, ALWAYS comes out of her room like 3 or 4 times before actually falling asleep in her bed. Ray and I have to keep telling her to go back to bed. also, the way she talks its sometimes hard to understand. So, back to were I left off... I held her hand and walk her back to her room {during all this time I am holding Madison in my arms} saying, again, "Oceana, you have to go to bed now!" She gets up on her bed, and I listen more closely as she repeats what I thought she was saying and then I understood and my heart sank, my heart broke into millions of millions of pieces. What she said was, "I want to give you a kiss." ah... I am bawling as I am typing this. I am so mad at myself for not paying close attention to what she was saying... ah.. heart aching. My poor sweet baby girl! All she wanted was a kiss from mommy! *tear* I then said to her, " Oceana, I am so sorry, my baby girl! Mommy thought you were saying something else." I kissed her and held her tight while I cried. In my heart I was telling God to forgive me for not paying close attention to what she was trying to tell me and to help me be a better mom to these precious girls, to remind me to stop and listen to what they truly have to say instead of just assuming. ah.. my heart hurts for my sweet peanut. But, by this happening, I will try{am not perfect and I know I will probably make more mistakes in the future} to always give them my 110% attention and really listen to what they are trying to tell me, because this truly hurt me from the depths of my soul! To think she was thinking that I did not want to give her a kiss and for her to go back into bed, and her also seeing that I gave her sis a kiss and not her... ahhh it breaks my heart, it hurts!! 

 Ok, lets bring some laughter into this heart break post... as I was holding Oceana and crying and telling her how much I love her and how sorry I was, Raychel says, "Grown ups cry too?!" lol! Oh, Raychi!!

The picture of Raychel with the white stuff all over her face is... drum roll, please... Desitin Cream!! haha! I was talking on the phone for our health insurance in Ray's office, and when I stepped out, that was exactly how I seen Raychel! On the couch with her face all covered in who knows what! I got scared at first, thinking... what is that on her face! I went up to her and smelled it and knew right away it was Desitin Cream! well... I guess she wanted a facial, real bad lol!


  1. I would be heartbroken too...but unfortunately, no matter how amazing a mother you are, this happens to EVERYONE at least once. I can't think of a specific example, but I know something similar has happened to me with my son. With such a little person who is only just learning to communicate, it's easy to misunderstand sometimes, and unfortunately, it can be in a case like this. I'm sure she has forgotten all about it by this morning! You can see by the pictures that overall those are some happy, healthy little girls-you're doing great!

  2. First off, thank you for following my blog .. as it has lead me to yours :)

    Your little family is adorable. Just from the first post of yours that I read, I can see/feel the depths of love for your children ... and that's a beautiful thing :)

    I'm looking forward to getting to 'know' you more, through your blog :)

    xoxo, your newest follower,

  3. Oh my goodness, you have me tears before I even got to the funny part.
    No parent is perfect, you know. I have definitely misunderstood my son when he was younger and learning to speak.
    This post is beautiful, and the love you have for your children is amaaazing!

    Count me in also, as a new follower! :)

  4. Awh, poor momma! I think all parents go through this. I have learned and I need to be careful when listening to Bri'elle speak. Sometimes their little words aren't so clear and we assume what we think they're saying by the actions. You are a great MOM and its unfortunate these little things that we go through. Ahhh.... I feel for you girl!
    I love all the phone pics :)

    Love you!

  5. i love all these pics, i love seeing just the day-to-day stuff!

    you are a wonderful mother, these are just some of the trials we go through as parents, especially parents to more than one child. the juggling act of attention and love is so challenging!

  6. awww honey...I'm pretty sure I've done that with Jordan at least once. Its so hard when you think they are just procrastinating bed time but then they are just being sweet. You are a wonderful Mommy and your girls are so blessed to have you. Love you <3

  7. awww mamas! My heart breaks for you reading this! I totally know how you feel. Just know that you are doing such an amazing job and your girls are so lucky to have you! Us moms have such a hard job, and we beat ourselves up for our little mistakes! But don't be hard on yourself, God knows your heart and Oceana knows nothing but pure love from you.

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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