Tahoe Trip Part II

Early Christmas Eve, we loaded up the Escalade with all the girls Christmas presents and headed to Lake Tahoe!

 We stopped at Starbucks, got some coffee and their breakfast sandwiches ;)

 LOVE my white chocolate mochas!!
 Oceana does too! haha! Don't panic, I just let her have a little sip ;)

Our cabin for the weekend
 We unpacked, relaxed, and then we headed to dinner at Cabo Wabo
 After dinner we headed back to our cabin, got comfy, baked cookies for Santa and watched a family movie <333


  1. Hahahaha that picture of Oceana cracks me up...I'll make sure next time we get white mochas to keep mine away!

  2. Sounds so magical!! And I give kaela sips of my coffee too.. I don't feel too guilty about it;)

  3. looks like so much fun! I'm sure snow too? Way to make memories for those girls. Love it all!

  4. SO much fun!!! love that last picture!!!

  5. awww this trip looks like such a blast. I love love love that pictures of Oceana and Raychel hugging....so cute! I also see the blanket I made with Madison ;) You 5 are the cutest little family. <3

  6. I love all the pics! What a nice way to spend Christmas :) The girls look so precious and excited!



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