6 Months

My sweet baby girl... you turned  6 months this past Sunday!!!

Where does the time go?! It seems like it goes by even fast with each little one.

Madison, I am loving you! I love holding you, cuddling you, playing with you, you are such a sweetie!!

 You love watching your sisters play and while watching them, you kick your little legs when there running around as if you want to be running around with them.

 You are eating fruits, meats and veggies twice a day now, and you love them! It has been getting harder to nurse you now, because you get distracted by your sisters... all you want to do is keep an eye on them and see what they are up to. So, from you not nursing as much during the day you nurse more at night! That meaning I have to get up like 3-4 times at night to nurse you!! I need to do something about this because mommy needs her sleep.

Madi, my poor little thing. You have eczema and its so itchy you are always scratching your beautiful little face :( . Your doctor has giving me some lotions and subscribed me one, so hopefully this will help!

Madison, You weigh 16 pounds and 5 ounces!! you sure love to eat!! I love that you are nice and chunky!

Madison, you are precious! You are such a joy to me, your dad, and your sisters! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives! We love you sweet Madi!


  1. she is absolutely beautiful. this post gives me baby fever (that and MY baby is turning one soon)....it goes faster than what is even fair. enjoy every minute of her!

  2. She is so precious! It does fly by so quickly - my baby is almost 3 now. *sniff*

  3. Jeez, those last 6 months flew by. Madi you are such a sweet beautiful little baby girl <3 I can't wait for your friend Natasha to be here ;) I love you!!!

  4. Happy 6 month Madison! She'll be up and running with her sisters in no time!

  5. Madison you are truly a joy! It's been a quick 6 months and you have grown so quickly. Love you little girl!

    Great pic of her Olga!!! <3

  6. Oh she's beautiful! Look at those eyes!

  7. Oh, just want to squeeze her and hold her close! Miss having a baby so little. I think my daughter might have ecxema as well:( Poor baby! Red looks so good on little MADI!!

  8. Wait until the first birthday, you'll be thinking about time, alllll the time, lol. ;)

    and she is just sprouting into the prettiest little toddler!!

  9. Awww! I Cannot believe she is six months already. Such a sweet little peanut. It seems like just yesterday you were pregnant with her! I'm so excited to get a front row seat to watch your babies grow!

    Love you, Madi!!!!!!!


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