Our 5 Year Anniversary Getaway!

  Early Saturday morning, we dropped the girls off at my parents house, and we headed to our favorite breakfast spot!

Meagan, one of my BFF's, dropped this off at my parents house for Ray and I!!
Thanks, lady!!

 On our way to breakfast!

After a great breakfast, we headed to the city where we stayed for the weekend!

We checked in at the Hyatt, went to our room and enjoyed a little champagne with chocolate covered strawberries, and then we headed out to do some shopping!!!  

This was OUR anniversary, but it felt more like MY birthday, Ray was spoiling me! He was buying me new clothes, shoes, sun glasses,  and a necklace!! So sweet! Thanks, love!!

After my shopping spree, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner at Bobo's Steak House!

'Our meal was ah-mazingly delicious!! It's so nice to eat our food while it's still nice and warm-haha! I love the conversations the hubs and I were able to have without the little ones interrupting ;), but we still, for sure, missed them ;)

After an amazing dinner, we headed to a comedy show... this was mine and Ray's first!

no pictures were allowed, so I snapped a couple with my cell before the show started ;)

After the comedy show we headed back to the Hyatt, went to their restaurant to order ourselves some dessert!! The view from the restaurant is beautiful!

after dessert the rest was history! ;)

The next morning we had a late check out, so we slept in, had some breakfast, did some napping, and then got ready and headed to a 3 o'clock listing appointment. Yes, you heard that right... a listing appointment! My hubby is a work-aholic! lol! He just had to go on ahead and book an appointment on our anniversary weekend, didn't he?! o0o0h, babe! It's OK though, you have to work hard in order to succeed, AND he bought me a Venti White Chocolate Mocha and brought his ipad along so I wouldn't be bored while I waited in the car, so it was all good!! hehe!


Once his listing appointment was over, we headed to lunch at Los Pericos and ordered some big yummy burritos!! After, we picked up our girls!!!!! <3333 Its so nice to have a getaway and reconnect and just have QT to ourselves, but there is nothing like seeing/ being with our precious girls from a weekend without them. <33


  1. What a nice getaway! It sure is nice to spend some alone time!

  2. i love everything about this!! looks like a perfectly relaxing, beautiful time together!! may God bless you with many, many more years together!!

  3. love that you totally caught ray texting! so happy that you got some time away to recharge! and heck yes, TOMS. love that he spoiled you rotten! <3

  4. What a sweet little getaway, I love to get away with my hubby:)

  5. These pictures are lovely. Happy 5 years anniversary! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time! QT time is always important :)

  6. I'm so happy you guys had fun!!!! And happy you enjoyed the champagne...mmmm.
    You look gorgeous and it looks like you guys had an incredibly romantic and fun time together! :) I'm so happy Ray spoiled you.. what an awesome hubby!!!!!!! And you deserve it so much! Bummed I missed your call today, will call you tomorrow around lunch time :) Love you<3

  7. looks like fun Olga! Congratualtions!

  8. awww honey...what an amazing weekend getaway. You definitely deserve it and Ray is so sweet to pamper you and take such good care of his woman ;) That was also so sweet of Meagan with the card and champagne. I'm so happy for you and Ray that you had a lovely anniversary weekend away together!! Lots of Love <3

  9. Wow sis te vez bien bonita!!!!!! wow!!!!! looks amazing !! the food look so gooooooood!!!!

  10. Happy 5 Years!
    Looks like you two love birds had a blast!
    I hope we will go somewhere special for our 5 years this summer! ;)


  11. What a romantic and fun getaway for your anniversary!!!! You look stunning as always... love your jacket..is that lace? How sweet of Ray to spoil you, you deserve it! Glad you two had fun, I love all the pics.


  12. I have to say that I think you two really have figured it out...a happy and healthy marriage requires a lot of TLC and you two have really made a point to love on each other even with the kiddos. I love that your hubby spoils you. That is what it's all about!!! HEy, before I forget...where did you get the background for this blog? I think it would look really pretty on my photo blog! Thanks girl! ANd man...aren't you just as gorgeous as ever!


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