Really, Olga?!


FYI -I have family in Mexico, so thats why i went during summer break.


  1. Love your Vlog! lol! what a hilarious child hood story! and you really eat baby formula!?
    Really Olga?! Eww!~LOL! too funny though!
    You & those babies of yours are just too cute!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. You're so cute! I'm loving baby grabbing big sister's hair. :-)

  3. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are to cute sis!!!!!!!! so funny!! that is so true about the cars!!! lol!! LOVE YOU ! miss YOU all!!!!!! God keep you safe!!

  4. ok i literally laughed OUT LOUD at the baby formula thing....i have a thing for rice cereal. when both my boys were on it, i would fix a little extra so i could have a few spoonfuls too. lol. i thought i was the only weirdo!!! hahahha!!

  5. You are so cute! It was so cute to hear your voice and see your darling girls!

    P.S. I tagged you in a getting to know you blog post, I hope you join in!

  6. You are too cute! I can NOT believe you like baby formula! I can't even stand the smell of it! Oh well, this is coming from a girl that used to eat dog biscuits as a child. Yuck! Ha ha.

  7. hahaha!!!! You are too funny!!! I so agree with you about the car thing. The last three cars I had I felt so bad for selling/trading them in. I kept thinking that I abandoned them. I so didn't know that about your really Olga..baby formula! way too funny.. it was good seeing you guys on your vlog. Can't wait to hear and see pics from the trip.

    Hope you got my text! Have fun!!!
    Love you guys!

  8. OKay Olga...lol!!! This totally made my day. You are so funny and so so funny again...lol!!! Okay about the whole car thing, and about the baby formula i've done that too...so it made me feel better knowing i'm not the only!!! xo

  9. hahah omigosh....you had me cracking up from this vlog. I have never heard of anyone liking formula ;) I hope you are all having a wonderful time in San Diego... miss you <3

  10. Olga I loved your vlog! I love to see people's personalitys! So cute and bubbly!

    I can't believe you like baby formula though hahaha! I could never bring myself to even taste it when Sophie drank formula because it smelled so nasty. You're funny! "Just one little scoop!" haha!

    I need to do a vlog someday! I love when people do them!


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