Breakfast for Champions & a Tow

  I met up with my wonderful friends and my lovely sister for breakfast. Its such a blessing to get together with friends and enjoy some laughs together and mommy conversations or in my sisters case mommy to be conversations ;). 

 When I took the picture of the Eggs Benedict I was counting 1, 2, 3 snap {lol} Clarissa stated laughing and said, "say cheese!" we all started laughing. I have no clue why I counted to take the picture of the eggs benedict haha! fun times.

After breakfast we all headed out or so what I thought was going to happen, but my car had different plans, it wanted to stick around. It wouldn't start! So, I called AAA and they said it was going to be about 2 hours for them to get there. My little peanuts and I just hung around till AAA got there. Ray had to pick up Raychel from school and my mom came and picked me, Oceana and Madison up since my car wasn't going to start at all, and It was going to have to get towed :(. I am car-less till hopefully tomorrow, we shall see.

  You can plan out your day as much as you'd like, but God is the one in control. If your plans don't turn out the way you had planned them, then it's God trying to teach us something new. He is the ruler of all the earth and the universe!


  1. such sweet pictures... the eggs benedict looks amazing.. and SO sorry to hear about your car not starting! hopefully you'll have it back by tomorrow!

  2. ooh im sorry about your car :( at least you had your family close by to help out!!!

  3. aww breakfast sounds good but it sucks having car trouble. I'm with ya there this week sister. Thankfully mine didn't break down but it sounded like a Harley it was so loud and I thought it was going to stop running on me. Turns out my Catalytic converter was cracked all the way around...we got it replaced yesterday. I hope yours isn't anything too serious. I'll call ya soon <3

  4. "1,2,3" ... you're too cute, ha :b Sorry to hear about your car. Though I admire your positivity through it :)

  5. awww man! I hate when stuff like that happens, but YES, everything happens for a reason!

    PS The eggs beni looks aaaamaze. Making me hung-ray!

    <33 Meagan

  6. how cute are they! breakfast in my favorite meal! it looks yummy!

  7. The food looks so yummy!! Had so much fun sis!!

  8. ok, WHERE is this breakfast place?! benedict is my FAV and that one looked INCREDIBLE!!


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