The Four Major Needs of a Man

 This past Saturday Ray and  I went to a marriage couples get together from our church and it was so much fun! We got to spend time with other couples and learn about husband and wife's needs! I want to share what I learned about the four major needs of a man! These are my notes I took, and since my blog is where I document everything, I surly want to look back on this from time to time ;) {Note: this is what I believe, and God forbid, if you are in a abusive marriage, these do not apply}

there are 3 major problems in marriage

1. You cant change the unchangeable
-Your spouse is the opposite of you and that is normal, you are supposed to be different
-Some needs cannot be met by another person only by God

2. When you reject your spouse needs, you are rejecting him
-Meeting needs closes doors to other temptations
-Accept your spouses needs as being valid.
-Denying his needs being met will result in an unhealthy marriage.

3. Selfishness
 - Marriage is designed to die to self
-Rejecting his needs is selfish
-You are a good wife/husband till he/she says you are.
-Jesus came to serve not to be served.
-Be servants towards each other.

The Four Major needs of a man

- Praise him
-Focus on his strength not his weaknesses
-Honor is like his oxygen
-How would you treat Jesus?
-Honor your husband to where you want him to be and he will rise to that level! Believe.
- Dis-honor him and he will stay down

note: anyone can honor the perfect man.

2. SEX
-Its a force in a man
-Commit to meeting this need
-Be more sexual then you feel
-Men are visual

3. Fun & Friendship
- Is the basis of a good marriage
-Be his friend before being a mother
-Doing things with him that he enjoys makes him feel like you are still interested in him {you still like him}

4. Home Supporter
-Wife/mommy duties
-Stress free home {clean}
-Making your house a home

Have Fun Together!
The best marriage in the world is two servants in love


For any men out there who read my blog... I will be posting what women want/need very soon, so stay tuned ;)


  1. LOVE this post Olga! Have you ever read "Love & Respect" or "His Needs Her Needs" ? You pretty much touched on the exact same things those books mention, the needs and wants of a man. These are VERY important to constantly remind us wives, our hubbies deserve to be treated like we are their number one fan!

    Loved reading this!

  2. I love all of this! Thank you so much for sharing. This is all so true and such a good reminder for all marriages. I love love love that last picture of you two ;)

  3. Love this, thanks for sharing :) And what a fabulous photos of you too!!

  4. It's good to be reminded of these things, we kind of start to forget a little after time.

  5. Awesome awesome advice that I could stand to read daily, thx momma!

  6. I'm not married yet, but I totally agree with you on this one! great advice!

  7. this is great! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog! just found you via the wiegands link up!


  8. This is great Olga! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post!

    New follower.


  10. Olga, this was wonderful. I caught myself saying to myself... wow, i need to do that. I know this, but i NEED to do it.

    thank you for that!

  11. What a refreshing post. I have noticed how important is it is for me to give respect/honor to Jose. And sometimes when I get so angry it's just so easy for me to immediately bring him down - and I've realized that, that's so not right. And in how God designed men - it's really a bruise to their souls. Awesome post! You've captivated my attention!

  12. SO so true!! My hubby and I are going to a Love and Respect conference... and it's AMAZING. To find out how your husband really thinks and what motivates him is so helpful and so powerful to cultivating htat relationship. Thanks so much for posting what you've been learning!
    I found your blog throught Shutter Mama and am so glad I did! I'll be following along! :)

    Andrea xoxo


  13. Definitely a great post! very true... thanks for this :)

  14. This is a very thought worthy post. Now I'm waiting for the 4 major needs of a Woman. ;)

  15. These are great! I read a book called "Love & Respect" and it addresses a lot of these things! I never realized how much men need honor and respect! THeir needs are truly very different than ours! Great post!

  16. Loved this post. Very enlightening, hard to get into the mind of a man sometimes!

    xo Shane

  17. What a great post. I'm printing this and putting it on my fridge! Thanks so much for linking up :)

  18. The last picture is one of my faves of you two!!! Very true Olga, I couldn't agree more. Love this post!



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