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I have been MIA do to us moving and getting a new routine down, so today I have a lovely guest... meet... Ani!

Happy Day Our Extraordinary Life readers!!!  I’m Ani from AA Dreams and I’m Sending a big thanks to beautiful Olga for asking me to guest post for her today. It's such a dreamy pleasure to be here today so again, Thank you.

Now a little about me and my blog I am a Wife to an Extraordinary Man, a Proud Stay at Home Mommy to an 8 year old handsome little guy and to a 5 year old super girl


Lover of all beautiful things, an Over Planner, 
believer of a great God and A Beautiful Daughter of God 
AA Dreams is where I share my Life and Learning Experiences and dream that I can make a difference in someone else Life. 


As a Stay Home Mom things can be very stressful at times, right? unless your a Superhero Mom, which I bet we all wish we were at times.  But it's those times that we are so much more likely to fall into bad temptations. But it's also the best time to speak to God.
A few months back I knelt down and asked God to please help me. Help me get through a hard week, to help me get all the things at home done, to have a clean home and to be the best wife and mom I can be... I was humble and asked for help.

It's amazing how he can respond to your prayers, 
when you least expect it... and I believe there are certain people that God brings into your life for a meaningful reason.

To learn from them, to be a great example in your life, to encourage you, to make you laugh, to be a friend... 

All those things and much more sweet Olga has been since 
I found her blog last July. I know for some amazing reason I was meant to read her blog and I am so grateful that I did. 

Sometimes you just need that little extra motivation
to remember that everything is going to be OKAY!!!
even from a stranger... 

it's all those amazing little things that God does for us that reminds us to appreciate and love this beautiful life.


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Thank you, Ani!! You are Extraordinary!!


  1. Loved this post! Both of your families are gorgeous. I have been learning to strengthen my relationship with God, instead of asking him when I need something specific, talk to him throughout my days and things will seem a little less stressful overall. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Olga your such a sweetheart for inviting me over!!!


Thank you for blessing me with your sweet comments!! <3 them!