For I Know The Plans I Have For You...

  Declares the Lord!

He sure does!!! We do have free will to do or not do what we want, but if we trust in the Lord and want His will for our lives He will take control in any situation, big or small, if He sees this is not His will for our lives, He will take control and guide us a different direction.

The day I went in to get my procedure (lasering my tubes to close up the baby factory) done, He spoke loud and clear to Ray and I!

The day before my procedure, I went into the surgery room to draw blood and sign more paper work, so that the next day everything would have been taking care of. The nurse went through my file and asked me all these medical questions, and made sure everything that needed to be signed was signed.

The morning of my surgery, I woke up bright and early at 4:45am, showered, I did not put any lotion on, I took off all my jewelry, I wore something comfy, I didnt put any make-up, I did not eat anything ( all these were requests from the nurses/doctor). Once I was ready, I kissed all my girls and left them with my lovely sister (my mother-in-law was going to take over around 8am). By 5:30 Ray and I were out the door.

We arrived right on time at 6am, checked in, waited in the waiting room, Ray made a deposit, and we waited till they called me in. A few minutes later they called me in and they took my weight and took me in the room where I was going to change and get ready for the procedure. The nurses started talking with each other and then they looked over at me and asked me, "Olga, do you know why you signed and dated the paper April 28th 2011?" I said, "Yes, when I was pregnant with my littlest I signed the paper work so after I gave birth I would have the procedure done, but my husband and I decided to wait a few months instead." Then the nurse said, " Am sorry, Olga, but we are not going to be able to do this procedure on you today, because this agreement has expired. It expired in October 2011. I am very surprised your doctor or the nurse that seen you yesterday did not catch this." They then sent Ray in. Ray was confused about the whole thing and was asking them to explain to him why the procedure couldn't be done. I also asked them if I can just sign a new one, that I'm here and I want the procedure done. The nurses and the advise nurse said nothing can be done, and even if we were to fill out a new one we would have to wait 72 hours by law. Ray and I tried and asked if there way anything else we can do or my doctor can do to be able to get this procedure done, but there was nothing that could be done! Ray was actually very upset. Our family had taken work off to watch the girls and myself after the surgery and we both explained this to the advice nurse to see, again, if there was ANYTHING that can be done, but, again, nothing. Listen to this... My doctor faxed over the same paper with her trying to over write it and she dated it the wrong date!! Instead of putting 2012 she put 2011!!! It was one thing after another! If she would have dated it right, there might have been a big chance that this procedure would have happened!

On the way back home, Ray and I were shocked that we were heading back home without the procedure being done. Ray was saying, " If this is not a sign then I don't know what a sign is!! Maybe we are meant to have four kids?! Olga, what are the odds of this happening?! these are professionals and they should know their paper work. Your doctor did not catch it, the nurse that seen you yesterday did not catch it, AND when your doctor tried overwriting it she dated it WRONG!! seriously, Olga, what are the odds of that happening?! Maybe God is trying to tell us something?!

God is in control! from the day I gave my life to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, He has taken Control of my life to guide me the right way towards His path and His will. He knows the plans He has for me and my family, plans to prosper us and to give us hope and future!! Who knows... maybe this procedure saved my life, maybe we are meant to have four beautiful children... God works in mysterious ways!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


  1. The Lord certainly has a way of making HIS will be known and carried out as HE desires. Praying your own desires line-up with the desires HE has for your family. : )

  2. Oh my goodness, if those weren't all signs, I don't know what is!!! God indeed has plans for us all ; )

  3. wow Olga, I love so much that your man is in tune enough to maybe see this a a sign and go before the Lord on it. I love that you two work so closely together with HIM! Can't wait to see what God has instore.

  4. WOW! that is CRAZY. i totally agree--it's a sign. i think there's another angel waiting to come into your home...

  5. This was so crazy!! I remember when I got the text from you I was like, "wow, shes done already and recovering well to be texting" until I read it. Definitely the Lord trying to talk to you guys. We shall see what plans He has for you and the fam. love you!

  6. Wow... that is god definitely giving you guys a sign. So happy your honey is so supportive and loving with you at times like this. xo

  7. What a CRAZY story!! I DEF think it is a sign, maybe you will be adding a prince to your brood! :)

  8. Wow, that is quite something!! I kind of had the same experience with going off birth control, I had been praying about it and didn't know what to do when I started getting numbness in my arms and sometimes on my face it was SCARY! I called a nurse and she said to get off right away! Thankfully we were able to do natural family planning for 10 months till we were ready to get pregnant again. God is amazing and always always good. Olga, you are so wise in that you took the time to think about it and realize that nothing is coincidence and God has a plan for you! I love this post so much:) xoxo

  9. You are meant to have one more Olga. That day you were over my house and we were talking about it it was so clear to me. I mean not that I am God. But you are meant for at least one more. I love seeing God work in the details like this. It's such a miracle! Now start making a baby already!

  10. Amazing story! God definitely has things planned for us doesn't he? New follower! You can visit me at http://raisingdieter.blogspot.com/


  11. WOWEEE! You are totally right ! Who knows .....only HIM .....and maybe he will be blessing you with a #4 or maybe even like you said ....not having this done may have saved your life!


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