My Mission Field

My family is my mission field.

There is no other occupation that is sacrificial as motherhood.

Being a mom is a wonderful opportunity to live the gospel.

I have to teach my children and guide them in the right path. 

Through my girls is the starting point where I can minister to so many more people.

Being a mom is giving up yourself.

picture taken by my baby girl, Raychel!! {only reason why I'm posting it not my fave}

How can I serve somewhere else if I complain here in my own home with the people I love the most?!

This, right now, me being a mom, cleaning, picking up my girls toys for the 100th time, doing loads and loads of laundry, cooking meals, wiping noses, changing diapers, potty training, story times, disciplining, comforting, nursing, kissing boo boos, teaching and guiding my girls, and loving & helping my husband  is right where I am supposed to be!

God loves the little offerings that are done with love. These little or not so little things, do them as if doing it for the Lord. These little things are BIG things to God!! and I thank Him!! I thank you Lord for this time in my life to serve my family. You have blessed me with a beautiful family!! and I will lay myself down for them! For you have come to serve, and us as moms are setting a small example of that. Thank you, Father God. Keep keeping me focused on what matters most, setting my priorities straight!


  1. this is beautiful Olga! I can't wait to be a mom! (I hear) its the toughest, most Rewarding job! I love your gratefulness for your role and your family in the Lord. Hope you're doing great!

  2. It is a mission that is like no other for sure. I am so grateful for you that you have a family that is in line with the Lord and wants to do His way and will and this makes things much happier for this mission that you are on. You do a great job at the mission the Lord has set before you.

  3. Being a Mommy is the best!!!!!!!!!! I concur, motherhood is a mission field. The best job ever! You are such a wonderful Mama and wife..Your family is so blessed to have you!

  4. You are so right! You are right where you should be. It is so hard to sometimes realize it while we are doing the duties but once we do, it makes it SO much more enjoyable!

  5. i agree so much. there have been times when money has been tight with me staying home and we have thought i should get a job. make things more comfortable, easier, etc. however, no job EVER works out. nothing EVER comes to fruition, no matter no hard we try. and yet unexpected money comes. whether it be a raise at matt's job, a bonus, better benefits, or an opportunity for me to make extra money at home...it always works out and it works out well. we have taken it as a sign that this is where i am supposed to me. this is where God wants me. in our home, raising our children. the rest will work itself out. but if i was meant to work, i think it certainly would have happened by now.


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