On My Heart ~ Randoms

  ~ Madison has two little teeth

~Madison's sleep is different every single night. Some nights are better then others

~ Ray and I took Raychel and Oceana to watch Lorax. Such a cute movie <333

~ Kony 2012


~ Haven't been in the mood for blogging

~I am starting to work out again, and I am loving it

~ Fasting

~ I am enjoying QT with my family

~ I am Loving the new Kellogg's cereal KRAVE


~ Thanks Husband, for my iphone! 


~I am actually really enjoying not being on the computer all that much

~ This weekend I might close up the baby factory. I am a little nervous, I have never gone under. 

~ I <3 instagram!



  1. Love your randoms!!! I miss you!!!

    P.s. I might be getting an iphone - let me know how you like it :)

    P.s.s Madison is so cute in the pictures above, she is getting so big and her little teeth are soooo cute!

  2. I love your raves :) Hope you're doing well!

  3. Working out is the best! Closing up the baby factory?? That's what we will be doing once #2 arrives :( it makes me kind of sad but happy to know our family will be complete!

  4. aww I love your randoms! I can't wait to see you soon hun!! I've been wanting to try that cereal...I'll definitely have to give it a try soon. I've also been out of the blogging mood...and now I have tons of time for it haha. <3

  5. Love the pictures!!! So happy that you are taking some time for yourself. I do that often, it is SO nice to unplug!

    And so stoked about your new phone so that we can instagram together <3 YAY!

  6. Been thinking about you!! Fun reading your randoms! I'll be praying for you about this weekend. Blessings, sweet friend! xo


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