Raychel's 1st and 2nd time at Soccer!

Raychel is a natural!! She did amazingly well on her first day of soccer! I was very impressed!

Raychel is very social, active, loves running, and playing with other kids, that Ray and I thought, what a better sport to put her in then soccer?! And sure enough, she loves it!! We are so very proud of you Raychel!!

Raychel 1st day

2nd day

water break.


  1. Go Raychel! She looks so adorable in her uniform. :) How fun!!!

  2. Soon i will be there watching my beautiful niece !

  3. Love these! GO RAYCHEL! So awesome. I can't wait until Rowan plays some sport! how cute!!!!!!!

  4. how adorable! She looks like she is having a blast. Go Raychel Go!!!!!!


  5. SO CUTE!! we go to cabernet in livermore and brady does the toddler kick around. we are thinking about actually signing him up for a team soon though. he really has the time of his life!


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