A-Camping We Will Go

A few weekend ago, Raychel, Oceana and Madison went camping for the first time! Boy, did they have a blast!!

We went camping with friends and their kiddos, so that made it all the more fun!! The girls loved everything about camping, from sleeping in a tent to playing in the lake all day to making yummy smores before bed. They enjoyed everything that camping has to offer.

This camping trip was a lot of fun, BUT it did have its up and its down.
My lovely husband decided to take a four hour nap during the day while I, the girls, and all his friends were on the lake! This made me very upset, because this was supposed to be a family thing and he was sleeping for most part of the day. He left me some what alone with the girls, and it was a little rough, because... first of all... Madison cant even walk yet so I couldn't put her down, and Raychel & Oceana needed to be watched while they swam in the lake, they all needed to be feed and these were all Ray's friends, which I love, but come on now, don't leave me hanging.  Well... once ray finally woke from his nap, he made it up to me. He felt bad. He cuddled me, loved on me, and we ended up having a great one on one time together to talk (while Madison napped).

Ray does work very hard through out the week and some weekends, so I can understand how tired he must be once he gets time to relax, but this particular day it made me very upset, but in the end it all worked out for the good!

If Ray didn't take that four hour nap then maybe we wouldn't have had this great one on one quality talk that brought us all the more closer.  

You may ask, why is she posting this? Because, I want to show the reality of our camping trip. This camping trip was tons of fun, and these pictures will show you that, but like any healthy, normal marriage you get up set with your spouse, the important thing is how you handle it. I could have stayed mad all day, but it wouldn't be worth it. I love this man and I know how hard he works for us and he knows how hard I work as a mom and a wife, so we talked about what I  (we) was/were  feeling and it turned out to be the best thing! 

I am now very thankful for that four hour nap!


  1. We love camping, but it certainly can be hard with the little ones!

  2. i have been wanting to go camping since we had peyton, but have been really worried about doing it with little ones. i am worried it will just be more work than what is worth it, but you have inspired me a little bit. maybe next year. ;)

  3. You are ray are so awesome. I Love you guys!

    PS I love camping! It looks like you guys had a blast!!!


  4. awww I love the pictures. It sounds like a great trip and I love how honest you are. That is definitely how marriage can be and it makes it that much better when you work through things together like you and Ray did. You two are awesome!!! Love you <3

  5. Camping is so much fun but can be a lot of work. We have yet to take Bri'elle but I'm hoping this year we can go. The pictures are awesome. I love the smores!!! Yum!

    P.s. I love you and Ray! Yay for good marriages and ways to work through them to make it stronger. That's reality. <3 And that's real.

  6. I just came across your blog! It is a adorable :) You are gorgeous and have a gorgeous family! Newest follower :) xoxo


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