Ray's SURPRISE Birthday!

  Saturday May 12th, Ray and I got away to the city to do an all day spa day, dinner, and stay the night in the city with just us two.

We took Bart so we wouldn't have to worry about a thing! Parking out there can be stressful! While on the Bart train, we enjoyed each others company, and talked about how much we both need this all day spa day. Once we arrived at the city we did what we do best, grabbed some Starbucks! after we walked to where we were staying at, Villa Florence! We got there checked in, went up to our room and got ready to walk to La Belle Spa. 

As soon as we got to the Spa we were in heaven!

They served us lunch <3333

After an amazing, much needed spa day, we walked to the mall and did a little looking around and then walked back to our room to relax some more before dinner at Press Club.

What Ray didn't know was that his family and friends were going to be waiting for us there!

I did not get a picture of Ray when he seen his family and friends, but he was surprised, and you can tell by all the pictures he was very HAPPY!! Happy Birthday, my love!!!!

The rest was history!!


  1. Awww! That all looked like SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy Birthday Ray!

  2. I love Ray's surprise!!! He looks extremely happy! You did such a good job! Your spa day looks so relaxing, I think I just felt all my muscles loosen after looking at your pictures, lol. And you look amazing as always. Love your outfit especially the color accent belt. Just fab darlin'.


  3. What a wonderful getaway! I'm sure he loved his surprise!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! beautiful of the two of you :)

  5. aww what a fun night! It looks like Ray really enjoyed his surprise birthday and that you two enjoyed your weekend away relaxing. :)

  6. So fun!!!!!! Beautiful times!!!

  7. looks like a great time away!! i need a couples massage one of these days!


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