Vlog Update!

 I keep saying I am going to get on it and start posting more often, but I have fallen short. It's just too busy around here to focus on this little space of mine. But, I have so many things to post!! Oceana's birthday party, Madison's birthday party, Vegas (which I am here now!) and all the little things in between!!

Oceana will be starting preschool in August with her big sis, so this will give me time to blog! Madison is still on two naps, so it'll work perfect! Yay for mommy time!

I got a new layout lol!  In hopes to motivate me to update this little space more often :)

Here is a little video of us in Vegas...



  1. So sweet! I Love you ladies (and RAY!). Can't wait to see the pics! :)

    Have fun! xoxoxo

  2. aww I love the video, you look gorgeous!! I can't wait to see you all soon! Love ya!!!


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