My number 1 real estate agent!

  I love this man!! He truly is amazing!
His career is no doubt one of the most stressful jobs out there. As most of you know being a real estate agent you are self employed, so this means if he doesn't list a home or find a home for his clients he doesn't get paid. this is not your average Monday through Friday 8-5 job, no, you have to actually get out there and work or else there is no paycheck! Your mentality has to be strong, and positive, because you will hear tons of "No's" and rude people who have nothing but bad words coming out of their mouth. Being a real estate agent isn't easy, there is more behind the sense then his commission you see at the end of the closing. Specially, now, in this market, you have to work twice as hard to find those clients and get them to list with you. Anyway, I can go on and on, but all I want to say is that I am so proud of my amazing husband for his hard work and courage to take on a career like this. Thanks for providing for me and our girlie's, babe!!

the blue is his pendings and the green are his solds! his goal is to sell 75 homes!
 this pic, of course, was before I cut my hair ;)
PS this was part of our date night. after dinner and a movie (10pm) we went to his office so he can get some papers for his clients ASAP. Talk about dedication!!

This is your agent if you leave in the east bay!

ready for our date night

 dinner time!

movie time


  1. Love your dress! Super cute! I Love the dedication of a hard working man! Scott is the same way~ Have a lovely week!

  2. Girl, you've serious only got the most beautiful hair!! I love it short and long. And the colors are gorgeous! :)

  3. LOVE that dress!! Your hair looks gorg, you should do a tutorial!! :)

  4. You definitely found an amazing man, and he found an amazing woman to be so understanding of him working so much! You have such a beautiful family!

  5. Go Ray! Its so amazing how hard working he is...such an inspiration.

  6. You guys are just adorable!! I've been awful at keeping up with blogs lately... I'm so sorry for your loss dear!!

  7. Yes, a strong and positive mentality is a must for a real estate agent. The stress of the job can be brought home and might even infect the housemates. By the way you’re telling all of these, I’m convinced you’re man is really good in handling all the pressure. :D

  8. Aw! That's very nice of you to say that! ;) Well, with the love and support you show to your husband, I am certain that he’ll be going that extra mile on job! Be his inspiration and he'll surely do extremely well in his field! :D


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