I LOVE this song by Sanctus Real

Sometimes it's hard to keep believing

In what you can't see

That everything happens for a reason

Even the worst life brings

If you're reaching for an answer

And you don't know what to pray

Just open up the pages

Let His word be your strength

And hold on to the promises (Hold tight)

Hold on to the promises (Alright)

Jesus is alive so hold tight

Hold on to the promises

All things work for the good

Of those who love God

He holds back nothing that will heal you

Not even His own Son

His love is everlasting

His faithfulness unending

Oh, if God is for us who can be against us

So if you feel weak

Neither life, nor death

Could separate us

From the eternal love

Of our God who saves us

This is so beautiful and so true! This song has touched me so much <3>


I'm back lol

OK so I wanted a fresh start some where new (wordpress) but it was so complicated and I don't have time to learn all the new things on it or how to work it, so I'm back!! LOL! i'll just stick with blogger and this blog I already have. I have been here for almost 3 years... i think... or is it 2? anyhow, I'll just stick to this blog.

I wanted to start fresh, because its always refreshing to start new. I also have not been interested in gaining followers... its not about that to me anymore. Its now 100% just to document everything that goes on with me and my family! God is doing extraordinary things that I want to share and always remember and have my kids look back on all this. It's hard cause you do get caught up on people following you... well for me that is. It makes me feel special and loved when people follow me and when they don't i get kinda sad on why they don't... maybe I'm not good enough for them and so on, But i have come to a peace in my heart and my heart is full with the Lord and my family that i come to realize its not about the other people or how many followers i have or who likes me and who doesn't... its about being content and happy with what i have and that is my family and God and that is all I need! God truly has taken over my heart and has giving me a new mind and i feel the happiest i have ever felt!!! I praise you heavenly Father!!!


Tatiana and Matt's Proposal

I had the privilege to watch one of my girlfriends get proposed!! It was so romantic and so beautiful! Tatiana was not expecting it at all... which made it all the more special. Her parents were there, his parents and sister were there and some of her close friends were also there to watch this beautiful proposal . Tatiana thought it was going to be a couples dinner with me and my hubby (which he couldn't make ) and my sister and her hubby and her best friend Laura. But, when she got there Matt took her under the vines at Concannon  where there waited a trio that started playing as they walked up and right then and there he asked the BIG  question.... and of course she said YES!!

Congratulations Tatiana and Matt!!

Can't wait for the wedding in May!!


Camping Fun

  I am so behind on so much!
a few months back we went camping with some friends and it was a blast! The girls had tons of fun and ray and I enjoyed being in the outdoors with family and friends.

Raychel went tubing for the first time!!! She had such a blast!! Oceana was too scared to get on it, but maybe next year she'll be brave enough to try it.