Belly Business ~Baby #4

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: 4 1/2 inch long (head to rump)

Total weight gain: 5 pounds

Maternity clothes: Not yet

Gender: We find out January 2nd 2013!

Movement: Yes!! I felt flutters since I was 9 weeks and 4 days!!

Sleep: Ok

I am so excited... or I should say... we are so excited for baby number 4!! We are beyond blessed.
 I thank God everyday that the procedure of the tying of my tubes did not happen! He has BIG plans for us and for this sweet little one. It's crazy how Ray and I went through all these signs leading us to go one more round. Everything was falling into place. There was a few bumps on the road that almost made me want to stop (loss of baby #4 (our first try)), But I knew God had a plan and I had to keep going, and sure enough the following month I got pregnant with this little peanut!! People and even my doctor told me to wait two months to start trying again, but I knew, and felt that I just needed to give it to God and just go with it, and we did, and here I am now 16 weeks pregnant!!

This pregnancy has been similar with the other three, but it has had its differences.

Just a few weeks ago I got this rash all over my tummy, hips, chest, neck, and arms. I though it was because I tried this new soap so I stopped using it, but the rash was still there and I was getting new ones. I made an appointment with my OB and she didn't even know what it was, so I then went to a regular doctor who then told me that he thinks and is pretty sure that I have Pityriasis Rosea and that it should go away within 4 to 6 weeks. As soon as I got home I did what I do best... I googled it! I started reading and somethings were very negative and made me very upset and sad. I started crying, I just felt so sad inside. I then promised myself I would stop researching and instead I ran to whom I should have ran in the first place, my heavenly Father. I told Him exactly how I was feeling and I left it all in His hands. There is nothing I can do nor change anything that happens with this pregnancy, it is all in HIS hands and His WILL will be done!

 My rashes are actually going away now!! But even if they didn't go away I am trusting in my God and leaving it all to Him, because reality that is all I can do.

I am holding on to HIS promises!


  1. You are just flat out stunning. So happy for you guys. GOD IS SOOOO GOOD AND FAITHFUL TO US!!!

  2. You look beautiful Olga! I'm so happy for you and your family. I'm looking forward to watching your pregnancy journey, I'm just 3 weeks behind you! Hope you're feeling well, God Bless! -Ashley

  3. You look precious! I cannot wait to see what your little one is! January will be here before you know it! : )

  4. I am very bad at looking health things up on google. Everytime I do it, I end up freaked out about something. Such a good reminder to go to God first before anyone or anything else :)

  5. Aww you look so gorgeous! I love your outfit! Love you girl <3 I can't wait to meet this special little baby and find out what he/she is ;)

  6. you look beautiful mama! xo your all belly looks like a boy to me:)


  7. I love your tiny little belly!! And I know God has big plans for this sweet baby! I cannot wait to meet this sweet angel!

  8. I'm so happy for you and your family! You look beautiful, it really is a blessing that you did not get your tubes tied, it is definitely something you need to be 100% sure of, I had it done and there are no feelings of regret or anxiety if its the right time to do it!

  9. Looking great as always. :) I can't believe you're 16 weeks and you've only gained 5 pounds! I'm 9 1/2 weeks and I've already gained 3. Just a little jealous. ;)


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