Christmas Tree

  The girls helped grandma and papa put their Christmas tree up!

This time of year is so special and fun when you have little ones. I love watching my girls being involved in everything Christmas. They had such a good time bonding with my parents while putting the tree together and just watching that melts my heart!

I am so blessed that my girls are so close to my parents and their other grandparents and that they see them all the time. Growing up I didn't have that because my grandparents (both side) lived in Mexico so I would only see them once a year for like 3 to 4 weeks and that was it. I loved them regardless of how little I saw them, but I could imagine that extra bond you must have when you actually grow up having your grandparents around all the time. I am beyond thankful that my kids have that!


  1. aww how sweet! I feel the same way girl. I love that my girls are close with my parents. I had one set of grandparents in Illinois that I barely saw (every few years) and I didn't have contact with my dads mom in Texas. I was always sad when I had friends that saw their grandparents all the time and wanted that for my kids. So special ;) Beautiful pictures. I love the one of Madison in the box lol <3

  2. so sweet. I totally know what you mean. It is so awesome seeing the kids with their grandparents. Its such a cool bond. I hope I havve a bunch of grandkids :)


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