Christmas 2012

 Christmas was so much fun! Ray the girls and I headed to South Lake Tahoe! I love this new tradition of us going away for Christmas and it just being us. It is so relaxing and not only that we get to have a white Christmas! Last year it was really dry out there, there was hardly any snow but, this year was amazing!! We drove up and it was snowing! We got to our cabin, unpacked, relaxed and went to dinner that night. The next day was perfect, it stopped snowing, the sun was shining and the girls got to go tubing with daddy! After a fun day in the snow we went to dinner and headed back to bake chocolate chip cookies for us and Santa! The 3rd day was Christmas and it snowed all day!! Which was perfect because we just stayed in pretty much all day watching movies and drinking hot chocolate and the girls got to play with their new toys!! Later that night we headed to dinner then went back to our cabin, we put out pj's on and watched movies.

I truly love this tradition of ours! I love having quality time with the people I love most! I cannot wait for next year when our family is complete and Joshua is with us!!!

All pictures taken with IPhone. forgot my camera

 Madison made herself right at home!

 They got to open one present when we first go there ;)

Cant wait to have little man in his blue jacket!

 The girls decided to crawl to see if Santa came 

 Ray's gift from me and the kiddos

Ray's Gift to meeeeeeeeee

Such a great Christmas!! Thank you, Jesus!


  1. great pics! looks like such a wonderful cozy christmas! xo


  2. oh such a beautiful family! I love you guys!!! What a picture perfect trip and cabin. I love how cozy your trip looked. :) It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I finally updated our blog with Christmas pics. Love you!!

  3. I love the pictures! It looked like you guys had such a merry christmas!!! I love all of the snow and the girls look so adorable in their little pink jackets! ahh!

    PS Ray did good on your christmas gift :) So beautiful, my love!


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