Joshua's Story Vlog!!!!!!!!!!

 I also forgot to mention that they day I was supposed to get the procedure done and didn't, my girlfriend Marissa had a dream that the surgery didn't happen because I was pregnant with a boy!! Guys God is so good!! He can make anything happen. He makes all things work together for our good.

I cannot thank him enough, so like 1 Samuel 1:27 I prayed for this child and the Lord granted me what I asked of Him. so now i give him (Joshua Ray Marquez) to the Lord.

MARK 11:24 Therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received and it will be yours.

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This is from the Jesus calling app...

I am taking care of you. Feel the warmth and security of being enveloped in my loving presence. Every detail of your life is under my control. Moreover,
everything fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me and are called according to ,y design and purpose.

Because the world is in an abnormal, fallen condition, people tend to think that chance governs the universe. Events may seem to occur randomly, with little or no meaning. People who view the world this way have overlooked one basic fact: the limitations of human understanding. What you know of the world you inhabit is only the tip of the iceberg.
Submerged beneath the surface of the visible world are mysteries too vast for you to comprehend.
If you could only see how close I am to you and how constantly I work on your behalf, you would never again doubt that I am wonderfully caring for you. This is why you must live by faith, not by sight; trusting in my mysterious, majestic presence. 

Romans 8:28
Job 42:1-3
1 peter 5:7
2 Corinthians 5:7 


  1. You have a beautiful story. I am so happy you left it up to Him and are now pregnant with a BOY! Congratulations!!!

  2. God is so so so good. Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for your family!

  3. Your testimony gave me goosebumps, brought me to tears, and filled me with so much hope and encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing with us! It truly has given me hope for the future. And congratulations on finally getting a sweet little boy :)

  4. Also, your testimony reminds me of the song "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless. Fits perfectly :)

  5. I LOVE THIS! I loved watching it and I have really loved being by your side through all of it. I cannot wait to meet sweet Joshua and now our boys are going to be little buddies!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhH!!!

    I'm beyond happpy!


  6. Thank you for sharing, Olga! You spoke so beautifully about everything, I also got goosebumps and teared up a few times. God bless you and your family!

  7. Oh Olga, this is one of the sweetest things!!!! I love Joshua's story, its a great one and already stands for some much this little boy means. I'm so glad I get to see God's work in your life and have it shown to me by example of someone else how powerful he is. It is truly a great reminder... There has been a lot in my life lately that has happened that you just restated, so I know for a fact God is using you for another purpose and that just brings me to tears on all levels. I'm so truly happy for you. I knew it was a boy!!!!!! And his name is beautiful!!!!!

    Love you girl!!!


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