The Day We Found Out

  January 2nd 2013 I woke up with hope, anxiousness, nervousness, and any other emotion there is, I was feeling it. The day started like any other day, waking the girls up, getting them and myself ready to take them to preschool. As we are getting into our car, I turned it on and the first song that came on K-Love was the one I have been listening to since the beginning of this pregnancy...

I love this song, and I took it as a sign from God saying not to worry and to keep holding on to His promises. I sang this song the whole way to the girls preschool. After dropping them off I prayed on the way home, I prayed as I was cooking, and cleaning. I got on my knees and told God,
 "This is it Dad, this is the day you confirm what I am having. Father, if I have a son this would be like me winning the super bowl or me winning the gold metal in the Olympics or me winning that 5 million dollar contract! I would be the happiest girl in the world! Father God, I believe I'm having son, for you have said whatever I ask for in prayer and if I believe it I shall receive it. Thank you Father God, be with me and Ray when that time comes. Father, I will forever praise you for my son! I will tell the world of what you have done for me! Thank you, Jesus, Thank you, Jesus!"

The rest of the morning before picking the girls up at noon I put on K-Love and this other song called Stand which I put on repeat most of the morning because I love it and I have also been listening to form the very beginning...

A few friends txt me and my sister through out the morning. Some called but I didn't answer... sorry guys... I just did not feel like talking till after. I just wanted to be ever so close with God and listen to music that kept my faith going. The first person I did txt was my husband, of course! here is the txt...

Noon hit and it was time to pick my girls up, Note: Madison was with me the whole time.we had pancakes together and she dancing while I listened to my music. I get to the girls school and all the teachers were asking, "so what are you having?!!" they had thought I had already gone while the girls were in school. I said, " No, not yet! my appointment is at 2:30!" They were all anxious to find out what I was having.

Once we got home I made lunch for all of us... which I couldn't really eat because I didn't have an appetite. But thank God time went by fast and before i knew it, it was time to go and pick up Ray at his work (we wanted to be in the same car together after we would find out). I pick him up and off we go!! Ray was still on his phone making his calls. In my head I was like..." this guy never stops working! How can he work at a time like this!" But his faith is so amazing he trusted he would have his son, so he wasn't worried. Ray asked how I was feeling and I told him anxious and a bit nervous. He asked why I was feeling that way since we knew and said this is our boy. I told him he's right, but I just couldn't help the feelings I was feeling. We finally arrive and we get the girls down, we go inside, check in, fill out this quick form, and then this man comes out saying, "Olga Marquez?" I think to myself, "oh man! its a guy! I always visioned and had a dream it was a women doing the ultrasound! Oh man!" Ray, which I didn't know at the time, since I dont read minds- hehe, he was actually thinking the opposite! He thought to himself, " A man is doing the ultrasound?! Then for sure without a doubt its a boy!"

Us waiting while they call us in

The man walks us back to our room and right away I got on the ultrasound bed. Ray was holding Madison on his lap, and Raychel & Oceana sat in a different chair. As the man tech was putting the gel on my belly he said, "this is only going to take about 20 minutes and if you wanted to know the gender I could let you know too." Right away Ray said, "Yes, we want to know." The man gets started and not even 5 minutes into it he says these beautiful words, "YOUR SON."  Ray and I were like... ugh?! What did you say? The man said, "Your having a BOY." I started to cry and I thanked God out loud. The man was like, "Oh, maybe I should have waited till the end." So, I held myself and told him, "No, thank you so much for telling us." Ray and I had the biggest smile in our faces, they were from ear to ear, no joke! Raychel was like, "it is Joshua?!" I said, "Yes Raychel it is a boy! It is Joshua!" She was happy as well as Oceana.

at the end of the ultrasound the man shows us Joshua's pee pee. We were so happy and not only that but Joshua is a healthy baby!! We walk out so happy and in the car we make our phone calls/txts to our family and friends!! Everyone was in shock and couldn't believe it. They were all so happy for us! My favorite call was making it to Ray's dad. He was so happy it sounded like he was about to cry. He kept saying, "Really Olga?! Really?" I said, "YES!!" He kept thanking me and I said, "no thank GOD!!" My sister was one that I loved too!! She also couldn't believe it!! She started to cry and  also saying, "really?! your kidding, right?! Are you kidding?" I said, "No, sis... its a BOY, its a BOY!!" She was in awww!! Even though she knew/knows we serve a loving, faithful, powerful God... It just really hit home for her! A miracle had happen to her sister. She too, kept praying for a boy for me and Ray. 

GOD is so good and I cannot thank him enough!! And I will always keep thanking him no matter how old this gets to anyone else, but to me it will NEVER get old and I will forever thank him. and when I look at my son I will thank him always. I feel blessed that I can have the best of both worlds.. Girls and boy!!!!

You make think what is the big deal?! It's totally a big deal! I only have this one life this one chance and most people believed I wouldn't get a boy, that Ray and I would have all girls, and statistically there was such a small chance of me having a boy. Don't get me wrong, if it was a girl, I would be happy and I would love her just the same, and I would still praise God because God has blessed me with these gifts, a gift of a child. BUT, God has heard my prayers, He has heard my request, and He has blessed me with what Ray and I have desired and asked for!! and that's why I am overjoyed and can not stop talking/writing about it! God's love is like a Fathers cause he is our Father and He wants to give us/you the desires of your heart! Just be faithful and believe in His amazing power no matter how impossible it might be or what statistics say, anything is possible for God, for He IS the maker of the whole universe! 

This was mine and Ray's last txt...

I've had this little paper since I was a few weeks pregnant. I seen it at Safeway and took it and hanged it by Joshua's first ultrasound! I also brought this with me when we found out!


  1. great story Olga, great story!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!!!! He will be so beautiful!! God is a good God!

  3. You look beautiful! Congrats again ....I always love reading your posts...they are such an inspiration on many to keep having faith in the FATHER...........you always give me hope girl! ....we have a girl and a boy and Im hoping an praying for another little girl...hopefully 2013 will be the years she comes :)

  4. I nominated you for an award today, pretty mama!!

  5. what a beautiful post!! i am so happy for you and your family!.. congratulations!

  6. aww you guys are so adorable! What a special day for your family! I'm so beyond excited for you all and to meet and hold baby Joshua. Love you <3

  7. Yay yay yay a million times yay for a little boy to bless your family of girls! He will be loved an cherished!


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