Vision Letter 2013

  Ray and I write out what we want/see what this year will look like. This is my second year doing this and its Ray's third year. There is something about believing and writing things down that most things end up coming to pass. Before I got married I had a journal that I would write to my future husband, and in one page I wrote how my marriage will be on a daily basis...  I am telling you... with prayer... and believing it... it will come to pass! It did for me!! it is exactly how I wrote it down! I have it posted somewhere on my blog. God is so good for He gives us/you the desires of your heart. You just have to be faithful to Him even just a little and He will bless you for much!

I wrote this letter before finding out that I was indeed pregnant with Joshua!

Here is my 2013 Vision Letter

2013 was one of the past years of my life! Ray and I started the year with excitement and expecting great things to come for 2013, and it did! It all started when God confirmed that Joshua was truly to come and be apart of our family (PRAISE GOD!) Ray and I are doing amazing, our love seems to grow deeper and deeper with each passing year. We still continue our dates and we go big on our anniversaries. This year we celebrated our 6 year anniversary and we had such a blast! We truly enjoyed every second of this getaway. We talked, laughed, and shared each others thoughts/dreams on this year. We also got to getaway with everyone for Ray's seminar in San Diego. It was so relaxing and a change of routine for me and the girls. We ate out everyday and some days just ordered rooms service. I got to hang out with Melissa and her family and shared with them the story of Joshua. This time in San Diego was actually really fun. The weather was beautiful and everything just turned out smoothly. Ray really got a boost to hitting those upper end homes and just going all out this year in his business (which he is and has already been, focused, recharged and driven!).

March was such an exciting time for us, we bought our new home in blackhawk/somerset! This was all God because this house came at the most perfect timing and in the best spot with amazing views, and a great price too! Thank God! This house is perfect for us! I really enjoyed and still am enjoying decorating it the way I always dreamed. Ive had numerous get togethers, bible studies and parties which I love and enjoy doing/sharing my home!

In April Ray and I went to Vegas to celebrate Tatiana and Matt's Bachelor/Bachelorette party! Even though I was a big moose, I wasn't going to miss out on going to my girlfriends bachelorette!! She is the first I have ever gone to, because most of my high school friends are still not married and the BFFs I have now I meet them already married and with kids, so this was special. This was such a nice getaway for Ray and I before the arrival of Joshua. We really enjoyed being out there and relaxing with our friends and just being alone at night without worrying about the kiddos.

May was a month Ray and I will NEVER forget!! Besides our birthdays and baby shower celebrations, this was the month I gave birth to our SON, Joshua Ray Marquez! The experience at the hospital was beyond extraordinary! The room was filled with God's holy presence, warmth wrapped us, laughter over took us, and a new strong faith arose to ray and I and everyone who stepped in our room. I couldn't help myself, but to tell everyone the story of Joshua and what miracle God has done in mine, ray, and Joshua's life. My faith has grown because of this! and I give it all to God! I thank Him! When the girls seen their brother for the first time, they just loved on him. They held him, hugged and kissed him. They did not want to leave the room, neither did I want them to leave but they had to since it was getting late. It was the most amazing feeling EVER seeing all my kids together, Raychel, Oceana, Madison and Joshua! I felt so complete, so in awe, so blessed! I still do and I'm still in awe and so very thankful for everything and how healthy they all are. adjusting after the hospital was actually pretty easy. Joshua has been sleeping great so that helps me a lot through out the day. Family and friends are always there to help or lend a hand and I am thankful for them.

A few days after giving birth to our son, Ray, Joshua and I attended Tatiana and Matt's wedding!! It was such a beautiful time! The weather was beautiful, the wedding was GORGEOUS!! I was in tears of joy for them both! It was such a lovely wedding, it might have been one of the best! well, I would say it was the best, because thats when I had my first dance with two of the best men in my life!! And of course I shared Joshua's story with the family who I was sitting by at the table. How could I not?!!

In June we celebrated Oceana's 4th birthday!! I can not believe my little Oceana is 4!! She had a great time on her birthday with all her friends and family.

Ray has/(is) been doing extraordinary in 2013! He has been tripling his sales! God has blessed us this year with so much and we are so thankful and ready to give back. It seems like God has just been watering us with blessings and thanksgiving. We can not thank him enough, but just to give him all of us. Ray has been getting so many referrals from past clients and just people who hear about him want to work with him, because they see and hear of his dedication and hard work.

As for me, I feel that God has taught me a lot this year and I have grown a lot! It has made me a better wife, mother, and friend. God has helped me to stay organized and have my priorities straight. I have been very good with my time and giving each of my kids quality time, getting things done around the house, meals ready on time, bed routine's down, so no later then 8 I am sitting with the man I love spending quality time with him and relaxing and recharging for the next day. The energy and cleanness of our new home and the miracle of Joshua has really made a big impact in our lives and we are just thankful for all that we have that it makes everything flow smoothly around here. Mine and Ray's marriage has been so good! I am so blessed he is my husband! I wouldnt want to go through this journey with anyone else! I pray that the Lord keeps us strong and keeps blessing and teaching us.

Madison had her 2nd birthday!! She is growing up fast now that her brother is here she seems so much older! She loves her brother to pieces and is very sweet to him. While her older sisters are in school she plays with her toys, kisses her brother often and helps me around the house. While the girls are in school Madison and Joshua take a nap at the same time and when that happens I put on my workout clothes and I workout to Julian Michael's DVDs! Working out has made me feel so much better and my health has been the best it has ever been.

In August, we went to Disneyland!! This was another successful family trip. The girls were in awe of the beauty of Disneyland and the castles. Ray had a blast bonding with the girls and watching how excited they were made us both feel overjoyed and excited as well. Joshua enjoyed just being held the whole time, but he was awake for most of it! Joshua also did really well on being away from home and his bassinet.

September, Raychel started Kindergarten!! We had a fun little one on one shopping spree a few days before she started. Her teacher loves her and says she is really advanced and doing really good. Her teacher also says she's miss popular, because she is so sweet to everyone and when they have a new kid in class she is the first to greet them. Makes me so proud!

Oceana also started a new preschool in Danville and she is enjoying it. She was sad and cried the first days because it was so new and Raychel wasn't there to comfort her. It was sad for me leaving her sad like that, but now she is doing great and not crying anymore and she is also doing so much better in school and starting to be a little more social.

November, I hosted thanksgiving for the first time!! Thank God, it was a success! Well.. with the help of my mama of course!! and a few tips from my BFFs! My mother-in-law was also such a sweet heart on giving me a hand on anything I needed. It was such a blessing and another thankful moment seeing mine and ray's family together in our new home. The cousins played and we all just enjoyed each other company!

December, we took off again to Tahoe! I love this tradition of ours, this is the third time going up there. THIS time was a bit different, and of course it was because this time our family is complete and Joshua was their with us. He had such a good time crawling around and playing with the wrapping paper. He is such a handsome little boy and loves his sisters so much! He looks at them with love in his eyes. Am sure he cant wait to be running around with him!! I am just so happy!! I am so blessed!! Life couldn't get any better! Thank you, JESUS!! New years was so much fun!! Ray and I were kidless! We haven't been kidless for I think.. 3 years, so we wanted to enjoy a grown up bonding time and to celebrate how much of a blessing 2013 was! It was so so much fun spending time with our friends while the kiddies were with grandma! now, here is 2014 wonder what this year will bring?!! But what I do know is that whatever it does or doesn't bring, I have God with me always and by having Him, I have it ALL!!

Oh PS My sister is having her baby!!

Well that's my vision letter for 2013! God has all the control of my life, these are just my dreams, prayers and the events that we have planned to come in 2013. We shall see how much or little of this comes to pass, But God is so good!! The first part of this vision letter has already come to pass and He gets all the glory and praise!! He is in control of it all.


  1. Love this! Blessings to you and your family! and what a great idea...i think I will try writing down my hopes and prayers for 2013!

  2. I love this idea! So happy for your family. BTW-If your ever in Tahoe.. let me know! via email : natalie_200405@hotmail.com
    I haven't seen you since we were kids.. I live right by Tahoe.. Gorgeous! Hope your doing well!

  3. awww I love your 2013 vision letter! I hope and pray it all comes true ;)xoxo

  4. Thank you for sharing, Olga! I think I will also try a vision letter for 2013! I so enjoy reading your blog!

  5. This is a great idea!! I love this, olga!


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