Elizabeth's Surprise Dinner

  A day before my sister actual birthday we headed to Walnut Creek to eat breakfast at our favorite place, Oh la la Crepes! The crepes there are so amazingly good, and its the cutest little spot ever. being there feels like your in Paris. Afterwards we had our makeup done and did some window shopping. Elizabeth had no clue that later that night she was going to be surprised by all her friends!!

Hugo and I had planned for all her girlfriends and their husbands/BF to meet us for a surprise dinner for Elizabeth. The surprise dinner was a success!! Her face as she walked in and seen all of us when we all shouted... SURPRISE... was priceless!! Her jaw dropped as wide as it could open haha! It was awesome!!

I am so thankful God has given me an amazing sister! A sister who I can share all my concerns and joys. I pray that my kids can all be this close.

Covering myself so she doesn't know who I am -haha

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