iphone picture dump

  Poor little Oceana had a cavity and had to get it fixed. Ray took her in and he said she did great, so he treated her to a pedicure!! He sure is the best dad/husband!!

Sister LOVE

 mama and her kiddos

After church cuteness!!

strike a pose or two or three or four {29 weeks and four days}

 This was Raychel's idea for me to pose like this-haha {there will be other like this lol}

{30 weeks} FYI this is my parents bed room. not my taste in the decor/paint lol!

getting some vitamin D while looking at Victoria's Secret Catalogue

Love my prego buddy!! I am so blessed to be pregnant with this lady at the same time!! We are only a week apart and we are both having boys!! such a blessing!! They will be best friends for sure! Mateo and Joshua Ray!!

Love my girl Faten!!

Trader Joe's fun...

 This is what they do with the stickers they get at Trader Joe's -haha love my girls
 Raychel always gets her sushi rolls when we go to Trader Joe's... OH... actually I forgot to get her her sushi rolls when oceana and I went and she was all sad that I didn't get her her rolls and I told her that I wasn't going to go back and that I was sorry, BUT of course mama Ofelia {grandma} heard and took her to trader Joe's and got Raychel her sushi she wanted!! My mother is the best mom in the world!! I don't think there is a lot like her! I have never heard my mom complain.. EVER... she helps me like crazy.. and still manages to keep the house clean, do laundry {and even help me with mine when she sees me}, cook dinner ever night and prepare my dads lunch and gives her husband all the time and love! I am telling you... my mom is truly the super mom!

Picnic at Concannon with my princesses!
 Raychel learning how to ride her bike with two wheels

 The love and adore their grandpa!

Starbucks treat... cheese danish...yum!

 Off to Raychel's soon to be elementary school auction. St. Patricks theme!

shopping at Old Navy... while the girls color ;)

alrighty... I cant fit all the iphone pics in this page. I will have to do another! Time to get cooking for dinner-hehe!


  1. I love that they have a coloring table at Old Navy! So smart to have that while parents shop! :)

  2. I love all of the pics!!! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! <333 I love you!!

  3. love to catch up! Those girls are growing up and you 'as usual' look super great! Fun, being one week apart maybe you'll meet in the middle and babies will come at the same time? (smile)

  4. Love your pregnancy style!

  5. You look great. Love seeing all the pics of your girls.


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