I hosted my first Thanksgiving!!

In my vision letter that I wrote almost a year ago I said that I would host Thanksgiving at my new home and that was excatly what I did!!!

I for the first time too baked my first turkey!! AND I am happy to say it was super delish!! When everyone said it was super good I felt like a past the test and was officially a real wife/mom haha!! I really enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving! Normally we would go to Ray's side of the family and then mine, but this year it was nice to have his family and mine! It was a small gathering, but very intimate. It felt so nice to have everyone over to our new home and to have all my babies there... now that we are 100% done having little ones. God has been so good to Ray and I with blessing us with a gorgeous new home and our sweet little man!! I am beyond thankful and grateful for all that I have and I owe it all to God!!

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  1. What a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!! I'm so proud of your turkey! :)


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