//Golfing with my husband//

 I love spending quality time with my husband.

I love watching my husband play golf... and im pretty sure he likes it when I watch him play.

A few months ago the hubby and I got away from the kiddos and went golfing for one of Raychel's school fundraising events. Ray and I had such a great time being together, laughing and trying our best to get a hole in one! This date was really extraordinary... you know there is something about gofling that it's just so peaceful, yet fun and exciting at the same time. I think a lot of the peaceful parts of golfing is hearing the birds chirping, seeing some reindeer running along and seeing the most beautiful views.

I truly LOVE where I live!! This golf course is pretty much our backyard since we live in blackhawk counrty club. Ray and I are truly blessed to live in such a great neighborhood. And now that this golf course is pretty much our backyard we can have more golfing dates together!


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  1. Olga, every time I read here I always think.......this girl is always such an example of what it is to be a wife to her husband. You are so supportive and it always seems effortless. You really respect and love that man of yours and it speaks loudly in your daily living. I want to be more like you (smile)


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