//Miami with the husband//

On October 13th the hubby and I took a nice little vacation!! It was a few days business for him and then vaca, but for me it was all vaca!! It was so relaxing and much needed! The last time we went on a gateway was almost 7 years ago on our honeymoon. Oh, man how I enjoyed myself! Ray and I would work-ut in the morning, eat breakfast and then he would head out to his seminar, while Ray was in his seminar I would take the most amazing naps- haha!! I dont know when the last time it was that I was able to take a nap! I think maybe 6 years ago haha! anyway, after my glorious nap I would order room service so we would have lunch once Ray got out his seminar. After lunch ray would head back and I would head either to the pool or the beach... it was truly heavenly!! No kids, just me alone realxing while sipping on a nice old beverage. At about 4pm I would head back to the room,get glamed up to go out to dinner with my babe. And this was our routine for a whole 7 days!!!!! well... actually the last two days was even better beacuse he no longer had his seminar to attened!

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