Dear Joshua,

  I remember your birth like it was yesterday.

The summer heat hitting on my face as I was getting your car seat ready, and feeling those contractions just brought me joy, joy I was about to see my baby boy who I have been praying for.

 I was feeling the contractions since church early morning, but nothing painful. I was hoping today would be the day. Sure enough the contractions kept coming so that's when I knew I needed to get the car seat ready to go in the car for you.

My mom was helping me put the car seat in and was getting excited as well since I kept telling her every time I felt a contraction. They were coming regularly now.

Your dad was taking a nap and I did not bother him because I knew you were coming soon,  I figured id let him get his rest now.

Your sisters were playing out in the backyard of mama Ofelia and Papa Ernesto's house since that is where we were living at the time.

Joshua, I was so excited that I was finally going to meet you! I loved feeling every contraction because with every contraction I knew I was getting closer to finally meeting the little boy I  have been praying for.

The contractions were getting closer and stronger so I showered to freshen up and then woke your dad up letting him know it was time. He didn't say much but the look on his face said it all! He was filled with joy and nervousness for me, but very excited. Your sisters were also excited when I told them we would be leaving to the hospital to finally meet you!

It was about 7:30pm and daddy and I were driving to the hospital on a beautiful summer night... It  seemed all the more beautiful knowing that your dad and I would finally get to meet you and our family would be complete.

 We arrived at the hospital at about 8pm and the nurses directed us to the room I would be giving birth and staying for the remainder of the time. They hooked me up to IVs and asked me all the medical questions they normally ask. They asked if I wanted any meds/epidural and like your sisters I did not.

In the hospital room was your dad... of course... your tia Lisa, your auntie Cindy, and Grandma Carol. Your papa Ernesto and Mama Ofelia were not there, because it was late and they had to watch your sisters.

At about 10:00pm the contractions were getting stronger, but I just kept focusing on the verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and I honestly can say I felt the presents and the help of the Lord in me. Such a beautiful moment in my life. By this time It was Only dad and the nurses in the room. At 11:40pm they called Dr. Vogel in and I began to push. I rested and took deep breaths when I didn't need to push, and when it was time to push again I pushed with all my strength, either way it was going to hurt whether I gave it my all or not and I wanted you out as soon as I could get you out!

By 12:00am I was sure I broke your dads hand for squeezing it so tight! But, 5 minutes later I let his hand go to hold your precious little miracle body. I held you skin to skin and it is as if it was just you and me in a bubble of love. I was an awe that they day has come May 13th at 12:05am that I would finally get to hold the little boy I have been waiting, and praying for. Dad was overjoyed to hold you in his arms we were both on cloud 9! Our family was/is complete!

Your sisters came later on to see you and they were so happy to see you and hold you! They thought you were the cutest. They kissed on you the whole time they were there, and they couldn't stop saying how cute and little you were. Everyone was happy to finally meet you! You brought and still bring great joy to everyone!! I love you Joshua!!! I thank God for you every day. I have such a beautiful family and I am very proud of it!

Happy 1st Birthday my baby boy!!!!!

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  1. I love birth stories, yours is much like mine it sounds like. One year, time flies, congratulations again Olga, he is a beautiful boy.


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