No Prayer is too Big or too Small

For God there is no prayer too big or too small. He loves us so much and cares even about the littlest things on our every day lives.

In Raychel's Kindergarten class her teacher has an Arthur bear that she lets the kids take home for a night to hang out with and to write about what they did with Arthur in the Arthur journal. I'm not sure how she works it on rotation for each kid, but Raychel said she looks at their names and then picks one out and which ever name she picks is who gets Arthur.

Raychel has been wanting to get Arthur for a while now and everyday she hopes its her. She kept telling me, "mom, I want Arthur! I haven't gotten Arthur in a long time. Mom, can you please pray with me that I get Arthur tomorrow?"

That night as I was tucking her in bed I prayed with her, " Lord Jesus, Raychel has been wanting Arthur for a long time now... Father God I ask you that when Mrs. Kerr (Raychel's teacher) goes to pick a name for Arthur that Raychel's name may stand out above the rest. Father God I know that you care for even the littlest of things we ask for, and tonight we ask you in Jesus name that Raychel may bring home Arthur tomorrow." As I prayed this I felt it in my heart, and I was believing every single word. I believed in the power of the name of Jesus.

Today as I was getting out of my car to pick up Raychel I see hanging from her hook the Arthur backpack with Arthur in it! All I can say is... Thank you Jesus! Thank you for making my daughter happy and letting her see/know how you work in our lives through prayer. Thank you Father God!

No prayer is too big! No prayer is too small!! For our God loves us and He wants us to make Him apart of our everyday lives with even the smallest and simplest of things! He is always there for us we  just have to invite Him in!

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Matthew 11:24

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