Oceana's Pre-K Graduation


I am so proud of you baby girl! Now, you are off to Kindergarten! Mommy can't believe that her second baby is on her way to elementary school like big sis. Wow, OC!!

You did so good singing all the songs and dancing all the dances the teachers taught you. Oceana, I am so proud of you!! Honey, never let anyone say that you can't do it because you and I both know how smart you are and we have such a great God who will always be there to help us with anything. We can do all things through Christ you strengthens us!!

Dad is so proud of you too! He loves you very much!! You will always be his little peanut! We are all very proud! Keep up the good work, my love!!

PS Raychel was not there because she was in school.


The Place I Love

Did I ever mention that I love this place? Yes I have and probably too many times, but... I love this place!

Joshua's first time to concannon now that he can walk! It just melts my heart seeing my babies play where I grew up and played there myself with my sister and brother.

Such beautiful memories I have there and now I am making new memories with my babies!