Mexico 2014

  It has been over 6 years since I visited my family in Mexico.

I grew up going with my parents every year during the Christmas break.

Taking all my kids was such a beautiful experience. I loved watching them play outside my parents house, grandmas house and walk the streets I walked when I was a young girl.

My family loved finally meeting all my little ones since they've only seen them in pictures.

I also wanted them to see how different life is in other countries and how blessed we are to live where we live and to have what we have. Even though there was differences my kiddos loved it so much they were not ready for there vacation to end!

Mexico was a nice change of pace, meeting with family members and non stop eating. I loved the quality time with my family and having my hubby 24/7 haha! for those who don't know he is the California Broker for Exp, so he is extremely busy with calls, files, listing, showing homes etc. and on top of that managing our rental properties. so this is why I was loving every minute of having my husband by my side with no phone distractions. Mexico was a great time and we enjoyed it very much!!

Mexico here we come!

Town of Camecuaro

My uncles strawberry field


My parents land.






Backyard fun 


my moms side of the family <3 p="">
Beautiful Mexican Skies...



  1. Looks like your trip was a ton of fun. What a great experience for your kiddos to have! I know what you mean about the simplicity of life there. It makes you come back here and think about your priorities and all of the "stuff" we have. My hubby is in Honduras with our church right now and I miss it there so much. The people are just SO kind and it's such an amazing place to be. Glad you guys are home safe now!


Thank you for blessing me with your sweet comments!! <3 them!