My 30th Birthday Surprise

For my 30th birthday my wonderful husband told me to pack my clothes and that we would be going away for 3 days. On the day we were leaving he surprised me with a limo picking us up! I had no clue to where we were going, I thought maybe Napa, Carmel, or somewhere by the beach. Next thing I knew we stopped by our friends house to pick them up. It was so exciting trying to figure out where Ray was taking me. Our last stop was the airport and as soon as we got to the airport I figured we were going to Las Vegas, and sure enough that's where we were off too!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures to remember this day by, but at the same time I loved not worrying about taking pictures and enjoy the moment.

We stayed at the Venetian and relaxed by the pool. We had great dinners and went to shows. We went to the Michael Jackson show and it was AMAZING!! Super cool!!

Vegas was such a wonderful surprise! I loved being some place warm, hanging by the pool, 5 star dinners, shows, and just simply having great quality time with my man!

The BEST 30th Birthday surprise!!!

Thank you, RAY!!

I should have known we were going to Vegas by his shirt he was wearing haha, but even still that didn't make me think we were going there.

Santa Cruz

  We took a nice little family ride to Santa Cruz.

This was Joshua's first time at the beach! He loved it and enjoyed every minute of it.

The weather wasn't as warm as we wanted it, and the sun never came out while we were there, but the kids didn't care they had as much fun as if it were hot and the sun were out. They played in the sand and they even played in the ocean running away from the waves.

Overall this trip was a great little outing as a family, we enjoyed spending time together.